UCLan Talent Code of Conduct for Students and Graduates

Congratulations – you have been spotted!

It is a huge privilege to be recommended and have your work featured on the UCLan Talent website, so please take a few minutes to read our important Code of Conduct.

We reserve the right to remove the personal profile and portfolios of anyone who breaches this Code of Conduct.

You are an ambassador for your School and the University as a whole

You will be expected to behave in a mature and professional manner in all your dealings with employers and clients. Your behaviour should be irreproachable and should avoid bringing your School and the University as a whole, into disrepute.

Register with your UCLan email address and provide an alternative, professional email address for future use

When you first register on the UCLan Talent website you will be asked to use your UCLan email address for this purpose. We need you to do this so we can verify that you are a genuine UCLan student. However, we are mindful that once you leave UCLan your university email address will expire soon after. Therefore, it is very important that you provide an acceptable alternative email address to continue getting the most from UCLan Talent. It is not acceptable or appropriate to use an email address that contains elements that may cause embarrassment or offence to other people; so avoid any swear words or words of a sexual nature. Keep it simple and business-like.

Keep your profile and portfolios up-to-date

We want to keep SPOT as fresh as we can and maximise the storage capacity, so we expect students and graduates to keep their portfolios and profiles up-to-date. If there is no activity on your profile for a month, you will be sent a reminder to log in and check it’s up-to-date. If you don’t log in to your account for a further month we will send you another reminder. If after the 3 month threshold there has been no activity on your account your work will be removed from SPOT and archived.

Make sure you use the traffic lights system if your circumstances change

If your availability for work changes please make sure this is reflected in your ‘traffic light’ setting. Here’s a reminder of what each one represents:

Green = available to take on substantial work/projects

Amber = can take on smaller, one-off projects

Red = busy

Please don’t raise the hopes and waste the time of employers and clients by indicating you are available for work if you are not.

Respond as promptly as you can to enquiries from employers and clients

If an employer or potential client contacts you to discuss a project please reply to them as soon as you can. We expect all communications from our students and graduates to be timely, polite and professional.

Manage your own costings, invoicing and tax arrangements with help from the University

For the majority of students and graduates using UCLan Talent, this will be your first experience of costing your time and work, sending out invoices and paying taxes on your income. This can be daunting, so you are strongly advised to make an appointment with the Propeller team. For more information call in to see the Propeller Team on 4th Floor of the Media Factory during normal office hours.

Don’t claim other people’s work as your own

We like to think that our students and graduates are too talented to copy anyone else’s work, but if you suspect your work has been plagiarised then contact us immediately so we can investigate.

Provide constructive feedback about clients

At the end of a client project you will have the opportunity to provide us with feedback about your experience. We sincerely hope that you will have a positive experience each time, but if you don’t then please provide constructive criticism in your feedback about them. Please note that this feedback will only be seen by the website’s administrator.

What happens if a client isn’t happy with your work?

Just as you have the opportunity to provide confidential feedback about your client, they have the same opportunity to reflect and report on the work you have done for them. This feedback will be monitored by the UCLan Talent administrator. If we receive 3 overwhelmingly negative comments from clients about your work or attitude to work, we will ask the team at Propeller to discuss this with you.

In return we will:

  1. Continue to develop and maintain the UCLan Talent website.
  2. Promote the UCLan Talent website to potential employers and clients.
  3. Vet employers and prospective clients before we give them access to the website and our students/graduates.
  4. Send you a reminder to check and update your account and availability if you have not logged into UCLan Talent for a month.

Any questions?

Please check our FAQs. If these still don’t answer your questions please email spotadmin@uclan.ac.uk.