Selecting portfolio ready work

Knowing what to put into a portfolio can be difficult, especially if you have a wide range of work to select from. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Why are you creating a portfolio?  (University, Job, Showcase)
  2. What do you wish to communicate? (Skills, Subject knowledge, Passion)
  3. Who is it aimed at? (Admissions tutor, Employer, Curators, which course)

If you unfamiliar about what content to place for each course, follow the guides below:

Once you have the above in hand consider planning the content so it meets the essential requirements.

I would advise creating 4 boxes as set out below, give each box a title with priory, such as

  1. Important & urgent
  2. Important & not urgent
  3. Urgent & not important
  4. Not urgent & Not important

List what is required in each box, once this plan is in place this will help create a portfolio which will communicate the correct work and key information in the appropriate order.