Portflio direction for a pathway in Fine Art

The Fine Art course will introduce you to the dynamic and exciting world of contemporary art practice, developing your ideas and exploring media as the course progresses.

You can work in traditional or new media – from painting to performance art – with access to our extensive facilities including wood, metal and plaster workshops, digital media suite, installation spaces, drawing studio and gallery.

Your portfolio submissions will be analysed for the following skills, knowledge and understanding plus type of content. – More about Fine Art


  • Appreciation of colour, tone, texture, shape and form
  • Understand pictorial space and composition.
  • Different approaches to recording images, such as observation, analysis, expression and imagination.
  • Understanding the conventions of figurative/representation and abstraction/non-representational imagery or genres.

Knowledge and Understanding

  • How ideas and feelings and meanings can be conveyed and interpreted in images and artefacts
  • Historical and contemporary developments and different styles and genres.
  • How images and artefacts relate to social, environmental, cultural and/or ethical contexts and to the time and place in which they were made.
  • Continuity and change in different styles, genres and traditions relevant to Fine Art.
  • The working vocabulary and specialist terminology.


  • Observational drawing/painting.
  • Thematic work and how to research and develop ideas.