Curating your portfolio work

Communication is key when setting out your work, knowing what is right from wrong is different without direction. So I have put together 3 easy tips to help guide you the arrangement of your portfolio.

01 – Only the best will do

I always get asked how many pieces of work should be included, this is easy for me. I would include your very best work in your portfolio, it should be all killer and no filler.

Ensure that all the pieces in the portfolio 100% represent the best of your work, any sub-par pieces will only let down the portfolio as a whole and give the impression that you’re unable to self-edit or be self-critical.

02 – Choose the right format

As you know we require a digital submission, so ensure that you do not design your pages in portrait, this will only use 50% of the screen. An exception can be made when using something like as this creates a magazine format and makes for quite the professional presentation.

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This also means you can send the link to anyone around the world and update without any additional cost or download issues. In addition this is accessible via smart phones and tablets, allowing viewers to interact using the easy swipe feature on all touch devices.

03 – Tell your story and present it well

Pacing and presentation is key when curating a portfolio. Treat it like a design job in the way that you present the work and ensure that it has a beginning, middle and end.

The exact aesthetic and typographic choices you make when creating your portfolio are yours, I’d would suggest that less is more in a portfolio.

It’s better to let the work featured speak for itself and be the main event rather than the vessel that holds the work. Always start and end with key knockout pieces so that the viewer is instantly impressed and then left wanting more at the end.

You should consider including your research to aid the communication of the story. When photographed well it can illustrate another creative skill ‘photography’.