Four illustrated spreads of a text written by children’s author Kes Gray as part of the Hachette Carmelite prize for children’s picture book illustration (2019).

This entry was ranked in the top fifteen submissions.

Spread 1

One day Zebracadabra was polishing his wand
when some flamingos landed right beside him.

“ZEBRACADABRA!” he shouted,
waving his wand and turning them from pink to…

Spread 1 Image

Spread 3

“Can you turn me black-and-white stripy too?”
asked a passing hippo.

“Can you turn me black-and-white stripy as well?” asked a passing alligator.

“Sure can!” said Zebracadabra, with a wave of his wand

Spread 3 Image

Spread 5

Zebracadabra got busy with his wand.

Spread 5 Image

Spread 9

“I AM THE BEST MAGICIAN IN THE WORLD… “ said Zebracadabra, “at turning things black-and-white stripy.

“But I’m supposed to be pink!” said a flamingo.

“I’m supposed to be blue and green,” squawked a parrot.

“I’m supposed to look like a lion, not a zebra!” roared a lion.

Spread 9 Image

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