Yukun Li (Brando)

A selection of my work from the past three years.

MissionGreen Supporting board

Problem: Young people need ideas for practical ways to engage in protecting the environment and climate.

Insight: Gaming is an important part of many young people’s daily life and uses a surprisingly high amount of energy.

Solution: MissionGreen – reward using energy-saving settings in games

MissionGreen Supporting board Image

MissionGreen - Achievement showcase

MissionGreen - Achievement showcase Image

MissionGreen - Pop up reminder

MissionGreen - Pop up reminder Image

MissionGreen - Community ranking

MissionGreen - Community ranking Image

MissionGreen - Gamify Energy Saving

Case study video

British Heart Foundation-Workout for the hearts

Aiming to get more volunteers for the British Heart Foundation

charity shops, this campaign focuses on a specific group:

middle-aged men. By highlighting the moral value and

health benefits of volunteering, this campaign encourages

the target group to volunteer for their health and for other

people’s health.


Middle-aged men face the risk of heart problems but don’t

feel like exercising regularly.


Moving furniture is a great weight-lifting exercise and can

greatly reduce the risk of heart problems.


Workout for the hearts.

British Heart Foundation-Workout for the hearts Image

BHF Press Ad1

BHF Press Ad1 Image

BHF Press Ad2

BHF Press Ad2 Image

BHF Press Ad3

BHF Press Ad3 Image

BHF Ambient1

BHF Ambient1 Image

BHF Ambient2

BHF Ambient2 Image

BHF Ambient3

BHF Ambient3 Image

BHF Case study video

Audible-Play time with audible

To promote Audible’s 30-days free trial, this campaign

sees city dwellers as our audience and tells them that

Audible can help upgrade their leisure time. They can gain

knowledge and learn new skills with Audible.


City dwellers don’t see listening to Audible as a solution to

effectively use their daily commute time.


Make commute time play time with audible.

The campaign includes 3 national campaign posters,

copywriting-based posters for 3 different cities (London,

Manchester and Liverpool), ambient advertising and

designs for a variety of media.

Audible-Play time with audible Image

Audible Poster2

Audible Poster2 Image

Audible Poster3

Audible Poster3 Image

Audible Poster4

Audible Poster4 Image

Audible Poster5

Audible Poster5 Image

Audible Poster6

Audible Poster6 Image

Art Cube-Start your journey into art

We created a campaign for Art Fund to encourage students to visit museums and galleries more often by build mini-galleries on university campuses. It can be a relaxing way for them to reduce stress.

Problems: Students are under pressure from university works and social activities.

Insight: View artworks and proper solitude can be helpful to reduce stress.

Proposition: Start the journey into art with the cube.

Art Cube-Start your journey into art Image

Art Cube_ Poster1

Art Cube_ Poster1 Image

Art Cube_ Poster2

Art Cube_ Poster2 Image

Art Cube_ Poster3

Art Cube_ Poster3 Image

Art Cube App1

Art Cube App1 Image

Art Cube App2

Art Cube App2 Image

Art Cube_ case study video

Nike Stratosphere

To combine the Nike Air series with an environmental problem, we got Nike Stratosphere. A collection of sports equipment that can react to the pollution in the air and change color. It shows the air quality visibly to raise awareness of environmental protection.

Problem: Air pollution is an invisible killer, make too many people die too young.

Insight: To make the invisible pollution visible.

Proposition: Nike Stratosphere. Just clean it, just breath it, just do it.

Nike Stratosphere Image

Nike Stratosphere sneaker

Nike Stratosphere sneaker Image

Nike Stratosphere billboard

Nike Stratosphere billboard Image

Nike Stratosphere poster

Nike Stratosphere poster Image

Nike Stratosphere pollution detecter

Nike Stratosphere pollution detecter Image

Nike Stratosphere case study video

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