This is a hypothtical hotel launch and campaign for the popular Chinese brand ‘Happy Lemon’. The Happy Lemon hotel is aimed at the millennial and Gen Z customer who wants to have fun, immerse themselves in engaging experiences along with building brand loyalty to a quirky and recognisable brand.

hotel outside view

I created a lemon themed hotel called happy lemon hotel. In this hotel, consumers can release pressure and relax during the holiday. Also, comsumers spend some exciting time on adult experience. 

hotel outside view Image

hotel inside view

This is indoor scene that I create, there are sixth floor in the hotel and full of yellow color and lemon smell. Consumers can call hotline and ask some free lemon buscuits and curd. Also, they can call hotline to buy happy lemon drinking. 

hotel inside view Image

gift bag product

These are gifts for the vip consumers, in the vip bag, there are lemon candle, lemon spary and lemon perfume. lemon smell can make consumers relax and remember the day which stay in the happy lemon.

gift bag product Image

hotel product

This pages include yellow t-shirt for staff, dessert menu and do not distrub sign. 

hotel product Image

billboard mockup

These are happy lemon promotion ways. People can see campaign everywhere on the road or waiting at the bus station etc. The happy lemon hotel also offer the food trunk which driving around the uk and serves the bubble tea and ice cream. 

billboard mockup Image

hotel website mockup

This is happy lemon hotel website, consumers can see some special offers on the website. 

hotel website mockup Image

hotel website mockup

This is happy lemon hotel website, consumers can see information and booking on the website. 

hotel website mockup Image

booking.com mockup

Besides, the booking.com as the third website which can book the hotel and see some details. 

booking.com mockup Image



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