Year 3 Architecture Portfolio

Project 1 – Temple of Antithesis (Pg. 1-6) – The brief asked us into the sensory and social conditions of Blackpool and in looking in those aspects asked of us to design and create a Temple of Anthesis; a sanctuary of ceremony, respite and reflection removed from religion.

Project 2 – Made in Blackpool (Pg. 7-16) – The brief asked us to explore the artifacts of Blackpool particularly of souvenirs. With another investigation into the social condition of Blackpool, we were tasked with creating a souvenir and how its made. Once made, we were to also explore and create spaces in which said souvenir can be designed, produced, exhibited and sold as well as living spaces for working artists/students

Temple of Antithesis

With the site being situated in North Pier of Blackpool, it was once formally a boating pool. Subjected to flooding and tides, I thought to harness the use of large quantities of water in my design, a redirection of epic proportions that can only be found in nature, waterfalls. Water is deemed sacred across numerous cultures hence has its use in meditation and reflection. 

Site Analysis:

Temple of Antithesis Image


With the site surrounded by large quantities of water, I thought to harness the power of water in my design. The redirection of water to create a meditative space of calm and tranquility.  The building would act as a mechanism to create an internal waterfall. 

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Visualisation I

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Visualisation II

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Made in Blackpool

In deciding my artifact/souvenir, I chose silk scarves with the rationale of bring delicacy into the harsh and wethered Blackpool. This thought process affected the placement of my site as well in the design of the building. I opted for free-flowing curvature design as incorporating the fluidity of silk fabric in my facade.

Site Analysis:

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Development Image

Plans I

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Plans II

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Plans III

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Sections + Elevations I

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Sections + Elevations II

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Structural Analysis

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Perspective Section

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BSc (Hons) Architecture