Xuebing Liu (Poppy)

This is Xuebing Liu’s Degree Show Portfolio. Thanks for viewing.

Dalston's & Fedrigoni

The brief asked for paper brand Fedrigoni and soda brand Dalston’s to be combined for advertising, as a survey found that both of Dalston’s and Fedrigoni are environment friendly.

So, my idea is that each can of Dalston’s features a Fedorigoni paper sleeve on the outside of the can showing the printed artwork. Besides, I did some promotion for it.

Dalston's & Fedrigoni Image

Build a bear (No value to value )

This brief asks us to turn something no value into value by an advertising campaign.

Our idea is that Build-a-bear workshop teams up with the NHS organ donation organization educate children about organ donation by reusing the hearts and eyes from old teddy bears.


The brief is that your healthy and filling lunch on the go from Florette.

My idea is that liberate your lunch, choose Florette salad. 

https://youtu.be/iZFbqGPLh3M This is our Youtube video link.

Florette Image

Fawcett (Female-Friendly Flying)

It is common for women to suffer unjust treatment in the airline industry but this is often overlooked. These can be perceived in several aspects. For female employers, the cabin crew uniform policy is often based on gender stereotype and the number of female pilots is significantly smaller than that of males. As to the female passengers, most airlines don’t have a thorough system to handle sexual harassment and the design of the aircraft and facilities often doesn’t consider the needs of women.

Women and men who care about gender equality have been fighting for this. Our campaign, Female-Friendly Flying, is to encourage people to use our accreditation system and to travel with Female-Friendly Flying flights only, in order to pressure airlines to provide women with better flight conditions.

Fawcett (Female-Friendly Flying) Image


People don’t always like changes, especially if it’s something they are already used to and love. So, it is not easy to accept whip without walnuts. But changes bring you great opportunity to re- imagine what’s possible.

Our audience are young people aged 15-25. They love social media challenges and to express themselves. So, we launch a challenge to encourage people to create their own version of whips. Our campaign, WHAT’S ON WHIP, it will start with press publicity and finish competition digitally (Instagram).

The winner will win a year’s whip supply.

Whip Image

Lego by nature

The dramatic increase in urbanized areas causes the corresponding loss of wildlife. All 20 species on the list of “common birds in decline” halved in population since the 1970s. So it ’s important to protect wildlife in the city.

Our campaign, LEGO BY NATURE, is to encourage teenagers to use their old childhood LEGO bricks to build nests and feeders for birds and insects to sustain urban wildlife.

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