Worn Tapestry

Radiating through this project is a clear passion for texture. By combing mixed media using different techniques, such as stitch, tufting, Photoshop, devoré, laser cutting, latch hooking, and embellishment, this allows for stimulating creations. The tangible designs are intended to draw people into the work to give them feelings of contentment, cosiness and the wanting to touch. Particularly interesting is the latch hooking process as it guides the work down an abstract path, which majorly influences the final outcomes.
Keen on focusing these designs to inhabit interior settings, the collection consists of wallpapers, framed drawings and a rug, with the further possibilities of producing furniture, lighting and room dividers. Nonetheless these designs could also be translated into conceptual fashion to create tactile clothing and accessories. In fact, as long as people enjoy the tactile nature of these designs, there are no limitations to the final products.

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