Woo Commerce Web Site + Custom Plugin

Bespoke eCommerce website developed with Woo Commerce and WordPress as backend. I was contacted by CEO of Candy Love Nature Care to design a website to sell and promote their product.

On this project (https://candylovenaturecare.com), I integrated Barclays payment gateway, created a custom plugin for testimonial page, customise a WordPress theme to suit the clients\’ need.

Mobile Phone Music App + Wordpress

This project was completed using HTML and jQuery. The music streaming app was made for busysinging.com. I also developed the website busysinging.com.

The JSON data used on the music app are fetched from busysinging.com with jQuery.

I developed the WordPress theme used for busysinging.com web site and many other plugins like playlists plugin.


Mobile Phone Music App + Wordpress Image

Logo Design + Brochure Web

I was contacted by Duplex Tech for logo design, also to make a simple website that promote their business.

I made a one page web site (http://duplextec.com) based on bootstrap framework and a logo to fit.

Logo Design + Brochure Web Image

Mobile App (Prayer Pros)

Prayer pros mobile app was developed using jQuery, CSS and HTML. The mobile app have lists of prayers and send 1 prayer a day to users.

This is a simple app with many features. User can favourite an item, users can set the time of the day when they want to receive prayer, prayers can be randomise and many more.

You can look at prayer pros app on google play

Mobile App (Prayer Pros) Image

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