We are People Also

Drawing on previous works in social practice on homelessness, this body of work is a visual representation of homeless people in order to consider their lives and experience through a series of portraits in which they hold a message written by themselves on a piece of cardboard.

By the influences of practitioners such as Anthony Luvera and Gillian Wearing, my project aims to question the concept of poverty in our society, raising awareness of homelessness social problem by giving a voice to those who are no often listened, giving an insight into the challenges and realities faced by the most marginalised individuals in our society. My project aligns to methodologies found in documentary and social research practice. The ethical position was centred on the criticism of Martha Rosler and Allan Sekula in which they insist that is the structure of the society that causes injustice, not the individual that composes.

Doing an ethnography in the streets of Preston, through a participatory approach and the medium of photography, I attempt to give visibility to the homeless, connecting my subjects to the viewers by giving them the opportunity to send a message to those who live in a more comfortable existence. To remind people that we are all human, don’t judge someone by appearance or circumstances, likewise one of my subject’s sign show, and through which I have been inspired to choose the title “We are people also”. The last image of this series was created to question the viewer itself; if you were in his position what would you write down?

Through my images, I intend to reach an unexpected audience to inspire them and make them reflect on the challenges and emotions of homeless people and question how this problem is increased through the way that society is structured.

We are people Also_hand_Hannah_01

We are people Also_hand_Hannah_01 Image

We are people Also_Sam_02

We are people Also_Sam_02 Image

We are people Also_Hannah_03

We are people Also_Hannah_03 Image

We are people Also_Carl_04

We are people Also_Carl_04 Image

We are people Also_Gail_05

We are people Also_Gail_05 Image

We are people Also_Smurf_06

We are people Also_Smurf_06 Image

We are people Also_Sam_07

We are people Also_Sam_07 Image

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