The effect of Social Media on the human condition.

 My animated film examines the notion of loneliness in the 21st century.   Research into the loneliness of modern people is just starting to be recognised as an topic of research.  In modern society worldwide, people have  quick and convenient ways  of  communicating using  social  media  including  Wechat,  or  Weibo  in  China,  and  Facebook  or  Whatsapp  in  the  rest  of  the  world.   

Yet people still feel lonely and there are more suicides among young people.  Human emotional needs haven’t changed.  They are still keen to connect with other human beings, but depression, anxiety and mental illness are on the increase. indicating that social media isn’t making people feel better, but worse.  

A hug ‘expression’ can’t replace a real hug and it would seem that convenient and quick virtual communication is not a good remedy for loneliness.  People are keen to put their profiles on social  media,  but often, these are constructed images of themselves and this can lead to a state of seperation from the reality of their life.

This seems to be the general state of urban youth worldwide.  Even in people’s real social life, everyone is playing with their mobile phones, and the topic of conversation is often about what is happening on social networking sites. We seem to be a strangers in a strange world.

Background design-City

Background design-City Image

Scene design - Bus

Scene design - Bus Image

Scene design – Cold city

Scene design – Cold city Image

Scene design – Rainy city

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Background design - Hometown

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