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I am a 3rd Year Games Design student planning to study for a Masters in Games Design and specialising in 3D Modelling and Games Development.

I enjoy designing games for Virtual Reality so for my final year portfolio I created two games, The Take – a VR Heist and The Quarantine – a VR Zombie Shooter.

The Take - A VR Heist - Trailer

This is a VR heist game focusing on the player being disguised as a gorilla to pull it off. The player has the ability to scale walls and throw bananas to their advantage.

The Take - Bank Interior

The image shows the interior and layout of the bank level. The player begins in the vent on the top left of the image, and must find the vault (the other end of the building).

The Take - Bank Interior Image

The Take - Bank Exterior

This image shows the player start ( the yellow van), in clear view of the bank.

The Take - Bank Exterior Image

The Quarantine

The game is a goofy styled VR zombie shooter sprawling across three levels set up in fictional snowy mountains. Each level has a unique mechanic for the player to engage with, from climbing to fixing a radio to aid in your evacuation.

The Quarantine - Cabin Section 2

The image shows the players view of the terrain from the door of the cabin, with a clear path to follow.

The Quarantine - Cabin Section 2 Image

The Quarantine - The Cabin

The player starts at the base cabin, initially protected from the zombies.

The Quarantine - The Cabin Image

The Quarantine - The Bridge

This image shows the second level of the game. With the sun setting, the player must cross the deep ravines.

The Quarantine - The Bridge Image

The Quarantine - The Radio

This image shows the last section of the game, where the player must get into the cabin and rebuild a radio. The parts are scattered around the level.

The Quarantine - The Radio Image

The Quarantine - The Radio Section 2

The area for the final level is large and dangerous, if the player falls in the water then it’s game over.

The Quarantine - The Radio Section 2 Image

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