Todd Fenlon

A select series of work created during the final year of my Creative Advertising course.

Ryanair Radio 1

A radio campaign created for Ryanair developing from their slogan ‘Low Fares, Made simple.’

Ryanair posters

Posters expanding from the radio outcomes.

Ryanair posters Image

Ryanair Twitter takeover

Taking over Ryanair’s Twitter account and using it to reply to complaints competitors receive.

Ryanair Twitter takeover Image

Social Housing 1

A campaign showing that Social Housing is the place ‘Where your story starts’

Social Housing 2

From the ‘Where your story starts’ campaign

Social Housing Bus Stop Poster

Poster created to extend the campaign to out of home and targeting the audience at public transport.

Social Housing Bus Stop Poster Image

YULA Instagram story

Instagram story created to demo the raw power nature holds and telling you to Harness Nature by drinking YULA.

YULA Shadow Posters

A green alternative out of home advertising for a company that prides its self on supporting the environment. Using the simple slogan and call to action.

YULA Shadow Posters Image

Allergy Aware Billboard

Out of home billboards designed to target the big chains to become Allergy Aware.

Allergy Aware Billboard Image

Allergy Aware App

The Allergy Aware app created to streamline the restaurant experience highlighting the allergens the meals contain and the restaurants that are Allergy Aware.

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Creative Advertising