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I’m extremely passionate about playing and designing video games and wish to develop my current skills within games design with a view to working in the games industry. I would consider myself to be a hard worker and enjoy working as part of a team or independently. I can speak two languages English and Welsh with Welsh being my first language.


Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, UE4, Substance Suite

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Environment Showcase Video

Highlight reel showcasing my work, across all three projects. 

CS Siberia | Game Proposal

The concept of this game is an abandoned spaceship named ‘CS Siberia’, drifting through space. You’re a bounty hunter that has been tasked with locating a ship and a stone. As you search for the stone you find the horrific events have taken place.

CS Siberia | Game Proposal Image

CS Siberia | Corridor

CS Siberia | Corridor Image

CS Siberia | Corridor 2

CS Siberia | Corridor 2 Image

Victorian Bedroom | Honours Project 1

I created this small scene with the intention of developing my skills in modular assets, hard surfaces modeling and lighting, whilst learning nCloth to create realistic fabric models. 4 Week scene created within Unreal Engine. 

Models were created in Maya before texturing within Substance Suite or Quixel Mixer. 

Victorian Bedroom | Honours Project 1 Image

Victorian Bedroom 02

Victorian Bedroom 02 Image

Post Apocalyptic Street | Honours Project 2

The environment was created within Unreal Engine, a lot of time was spent creating foliage and modular buildings. Drawing inspiration from The Last of Us and Romanian architecture.

Post Apocalyptic Street | Honours Project 2 Image

Post Apocalyptic Street | Foliage

Post Apocalyptic Street | Foliage Image

Post Apocalyptic Street | Table Prop

Post Apocalyptic Street | Table Prop Image

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Thomas Durrant

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Games Design