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The Trip is a community based project based around Liverpool\’s connection with New York through the trans-Atlantic voyage. This is where I found possible ideas for what to do with the flyover. After looking at the shape of the flyover and creating a quick sketch, I noticed how similar the structure looked to the ships I had been seeing in my research. This gave me the idea of creating a ship floating above Liverpool which has a rich naval history. This was to become the structure to house the community workshops as this is where a lot of crafts would have been created during the voyage. I felt like more needed to be done I wanted to utilize the whole space, so started to focus my attentions on the walkway with road above which looked like a ships mast. I visualized in my head if this was above my boat structure, where I would be situated on the walkway and it would be the deck of the ship. I wanted to convey the feeling of being on that deck with a sensory walkway, invoking feelings of being on the ocean. By causing confusion, disorientation and unsteadiness. Overall this is to revitalise the flyover with a design which will carry on through communities working together and helping when needed. It allows people affected by unemployment, to be able to go and learn a new skill and better themselves and possibly better their community.

Visual 1: with blueprint and background

Hoist the sails is exactly as it sounds. The design invokes the user to interact by moving or pushing the sails out of the way. With the multiple sails in place this cause uncertainty and confusion, feelings felt by passengers aboard the ship. The proximity of the sails represents how tightly refugees and slaves would be packed in together on their long voyage. But the design creates a way in which you will bump into your fellow community members and can strike up a conversation through a shared experience

Visual 1: with blueprint and background Image

Visual 2

With blueprint and no background

Visual 2 Image

Visual 3

Without background

Visual 3 Image


The Community Workshops situated ‘below decks’ will focus on interesting processes which would have been used by passengers aboard a trans-Atlantic ship heading for America. These processes have either been lost or never fully recognised as art. With the High unemployment in the North West this could benefit people from all walks of life, they can learn new skills and help better themselves, these trades include Fishnet Making, Scrimshaw, Knots and Folk Art. n nCommunity workshops provide people with an opportunity for engaging with a broader community to spur people creative processes with topics that may align with other people’s projects or challenge those people’s ideas and notions by providing an alternative perspective.


Visual 2

With blueprint no background

Visual 2 Image


In response to my site visit to Liverpool flyover, I wanted to make something that incorporated the idea of my found tile. I decided that, after experiencing all the different textures that I felt by hand and under foot, I would create a mosaic tile of lots of different types of surfaces and textures, to represent my findings at the flyover. I thought it was interesting how the flyover had won an award in concreting. Concrete is the primary material used at the flyover, and yet each surface felt different to the last. This is what I am trying to convey with my mosaic. The sense of touch and textures of the surfaces I encountered along the way



Materiality Image

Final boards

Final boards Image

Final Boards

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