The Paranormal

Final collection is inspired by haunted dolls, taking elements of a dolls feature such as the heads, cheek, head silhouette and to convert it into a print and using their clothing as an inspiration to add a modern twist.

Theme colours are very much based on blacks and subtle colours such as, whites, nude, blush pink representing the (paranormal) side to my theme as these can conduct a destress/ edgy vibe as well as a contemporary look.

According to designer research, my key designer inspiration is Yoji Yamamoto and Comme Des Garcon have strong silhouettes and colour that will suit my theme.

concept board 1

concept board 1 Image

customer profile

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concept board

concept board Image

concept colour board

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silhouette development design

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silhouette board

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design development

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final fabrics

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final line up - front

final line up - front Image

fabric design

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outfit process

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