The House of Magical Misfits

This show centres around themes of friendship, myths and legends, every day hardship and self-acceptance. It is a 2D digital animated comedy/fantasy for the 8-12 age range.

Izzy Attia is a bright and friendly 11 year old girl who has moved to a new town and just started high school. Unfortunately, she hasn’t made any friends yet and struggles with her studies due to her ADHD. She lives in a small flat and doesn’t have any siblings to play with. Izzy’s mum is always at work and doesn’t have much time for her.

She notices a huge, crazy looking house on the end of her street. After school one day, Izzy is running away from the bullies and has to hide in the house. Here she meets its eccentric owner, Agnes, who just happens to be a witch!

The house is home to an assortment of magical misfits who do not get along with their own kind. There is a cute but deadly fairy who always brings the rain, a dragon who is too friendly, a grumpy goth unicorn, a cowardly witch’s familiar and a mischievous forest spirit! Izzy realises that she fits in well amongst others who struggle fitting in too and comes back to visit them and play every day after school.



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Pilot Episode Animatic - "The Test"

I created an animatic for an episode script titled “The Test” to demonstrate the feel of the show. The episode focuses on showcasing Izzy’s ADHD and how it affects her school work.

In The Test, Izzy comes to the house one day after school looking very sad. When Derwyn, Hazel and Misty ask her what is wrong we see a flashback to Izzy at school and learn that she has failed an important test. Not only that, but the teacher warns her that if she doesn’t pass the resit she will have to attend summer school!

With little time to revise, the misfits agree to help her study for the test. As they are studying together, they are constantly interrupted by loud crashes and banging coming through the ceiling. We see Agnes working on a new room for the house above them, but she is making a huge mess, which Spooky chastises her for. Agnes is trying to master a games room spell in order to impress the witches on the high council of her coven.

Izzy can’t study with all the noise, so Hazel suggests a fun way of revising. In the garden, Hazel prepares a bunch of water balloons, threatening to throw one at Izzy every time she gets a question wrong. When Faye gets a question wrong, Izzy realises she knows the answer. She has a lot of fun, but ultimately she is still very anxious about the test.

Izzy enters the new room to see Agnes and Spooky stood in what is basically a swamp. She explains why she is sad to Agnes, who tries her best to reassure her and laments that she too is struggling with her current task. Because magic is her special interest, Izzy realises that Agnes has been using the wrong spell, which reaffirms to Agnes and Spooky that she really is clever!

With a little new found confidence and a pretty crystal from Misty that helps her to feel calm, Izzy retakes the test at school the next day.

When she returns home, she reveals her passing test score to the misfits who cheer for her. Suddenly, the ceiling collapses in and the house fills up with mud from Agnes’ swamp room! The gang all laugh at the situation and Izzy, Faye and Hazel start a mud fight, much to Spooky’s dismay.


Pitch Bible

The full pitch bible for The House of Magical Misfits containing all the character bios, art, extra scripts and episode ideas, merchandise ideas and research for the show.

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