The Exhibition

My art work is abstract painting to express myself during the lock down.This crisis affected the mental health as well as daily life and activities.I tried to pull my feelings, worries and sometimes hopes and wishes to existence. it is effective therapy to move from isolation to creation and to express the inner world of emotion rather than external reality.

Catch It Covid 19

With this piece i tried to represent the fight we have against corona by using the trap.

The trap is a prevention of spread of the virus the red splatter in the canvass is the damage caused by the virus.

The trap is a safety mechanism from the inevitable danger.


The portrait reflects my feelings when I started engraving and burning the wood. I made this using heat and engraving an image of a lady who is trying to gain peace.

I found using fire for this piece very expressive and really enjoyed creating it.

Sereen Image

Exit covid through my magic portal1

Hanging out my art wash is a work that represent individual portal to imaginary world  far away .

finding my way

The contrast of the colours and the brush movement in this work towards was pulling me to  the heart of the painting trying to cross the tunnel toward  a better place.

finding my way Image

the tears

The tears normally come from sadness and suffering but in this piece the tears are leaking and dropping everywhere to show that hope is still here.

the tears Image

Dancing flowers

like the previous work the ‘colourful tears’ this art work shows  my believe and faith that  pandemic will end  soon by exploring light palette .

Dancing flowers Image

the pandemic


This is the first piece in my project, the use of three colours black, red and white. Project the fight against the covid 19  and resistance I need to build myself to protect my family people I care about including  myself.  In each work I tried  to search for the invisible and or existing portal to escape.


the pandemic Image

Dream land

With the help of the markers I managed to draw a map of my dream land.

Dream land Image

A cross to Nostalgia

This is a gate depicting a portal to the nostalgia of home.

A cross to Nostalgia Image

the saving

The saving and precaution to save our lives from the covid 19

the saving Image

feel the paint"temporary art"

while I was painting using my hand I loved the effects of the paint so I decided  to use my hand as a canvas for my work .

feel the paint"temporary art" Image

safe square

During the work I tried to break the borders and free myself from the lock down by traveling through my memories and actual reality. One of the pieces I recall is the “Safe Square” The inner square reflects the safe zone “home” and outer square represents tension and all what is going on with the Coronavirus. Talking about my practice in my work I used different tools Its all the techniques and styles I have incorporated in my works I explored acrylic paints, pastels,markers, wax crayons and fire. For this I used plain canvass and wood pieces I found in the home which I was able to recycle and give a new life.

safe square

more experiments on the safe square.

You can see the flame of fire in the middle.

The fire represents the spreading of the virus in the safe square. Then the fire is extinguished and the smoke shows we are defeating the virus to protect the “safe square”.


My research for the exhibition project.


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