Not seeking to imitate nature but hoping to evoke a cherished memory, sense of peace or the feeling of being alive as the elements tear through the landscape. There is no deep meaning to Rachelle’s work but simply layers of the visual narrative that resides within her head. 

She simply regards a broken scraped and broken surface to be the most beautiful of things and hopes to recreate these layers on her ceramic work. 

A tale of a journey, one which we will never know

Rachelle’s work focuses on her two favourite things – Stones | Bowls


Edges of the bowl…

Stacked bowls

Hand built, mould pressed & pinched in stoneware clay.

Oxides and underglaze rubbed into surface after bisque fire

Indian ink wash after final fire

i Image


After The Rain

Hand built, press moulded stoneware bowl. Pinched and sculpted edges. Made in stoneware clay.

Porcelain and black slips used to build the surface detail.

Various oxide washes and underglaze applied after bisque fire.

Fired to 1240 and Indian ink wash applied 

ii Image


Stacked Stones

Hand built and pinched with added texture from found objects. Made from stoneware clay.

Porcelain slips, pigments and found materials added.

Part glazed and each piece fired to 1240

Indian ink wash applied post firing


vi Image


Test Bowls

Small hand moulded bowls made in stoneware clay

Used primarily to test various properties of found materials, pigments, soils and raw clays.

Porcelain slip used as a base.

Glazed interior | raw exterior

Fired to 1240. Indian ink wash post firing

iii Image


Landscape in your Hands

Press mould bowl, built up with layers of stoneware clay.

Porcelain slip and added pigment from the landscape

Underglazed with black after bisque and the fired to 1240

Indian ink wash applied post firing

iv Image



Press moulded bowl made from stoneware clay.

Porcelain pebble.

Layers of porcelain slip built up to create surface. Mono print and mark making with found objects.

Black Underglaze applied after bisque. 

Fired to 1240

Found pigments rubbed into surface post firing and wax finish applied.

v Image

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