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I developed two Games Design projects for my final year portfolio. For the first project  I created a world of monster concepts for my ‘Monster Diary’ incorporating  3 different mediums, traditional concept art, digital art and 3D modelling. For the second project I had designed a 2D Pixel Adventure game.

Monster Diary Showcase

I wanted to challenge my skills and creativity by developing world concepts of monster designs in 3 different mediums.  Taking inspiration from my childhood creations, classic Pokemon and Digimon series and my favorite gaming series Jade Cocoon 2, I started with paper designs and developed them into illustrations in Photoshop.

Then with the 3 main designs, I progressed to create pixel art animated sprites in Aseprite and then progressed into Maya to translate the designs into 3D objects. Most were hand painted in Photoshop, however the ‘Greater Pearl Whale‘ was hand painted in Substance,  and part sculpted in ZBrush to create smoother and dynamic shapes for the fangs and cheeks.  To finish the models I used organic layered textures in Substance to give depth and detail.Working with my friend, Fern Stocks, we then created ‘Discovery Entries’ for the Monster Diary.


The Rocky Argonaut

(Petromata Lapillus) is a desert-dwelling creature that lives in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet. Their common name is derived from the distinct mineral collections that accumulate on their backs. These deposits are vital for the Argonaut’s survival- they house a unique species of algae which feeds on the dead skin of their host, releasing moisture which is absorbed into the Argonaut through specially adapted glands along their spine. After birthing young, the spinal glands of the mother Argonaut will partially seal, allowing the collected water to trickle down the rocky deposit for the calf to drink. This continues until the calf develops their own mineral deposits at around 9 months of age.

The Rocky Argonaut Image

The Greater Pearl Whale

The Greater Pearl Whale (virumae perludicus) is a species native to the area between the Limpid Isles in the Margaritati Sea. The etymology of the name is unknown, as no other Pearl Whale varieties have been documented. Despite the fact that the species exclusively inhabit an area of just 150km2, the Greater Pearl Whale can cover distances of up to 400km in a single day and travel in shoals of 6 or 7. Possibly the most extraordinary feature of the Greater Pearl Whale is their unique reproductive cycle. Both male and female Pearl Whales can carry young, and for the duration of an extraordinary 47 month gestation period, the parent’s translucent midriff allows the calf to become familiar with their habitat and socialize with other members of the shoal. The calves’ entire infancy is spent in utero and, although they are born completely independent, many choose to stay with their shoals until late adulthood.

The Greater Pearl Whale Image

Tree Sprite Family

Xyloxius Arbordinae, or Common Tree Sprite, is a species found in woodlands across the Northern Hemisphere. Around 6 inches in height when fully grown, the Tree Sprite is instantly recognizable by the woody, mask-like growth which covers most of their face. These growths can be used to identify a specific family or “tribe” of Xyloxius as the appendage mimics the DNA of the tree used as their nest. Studies into tree sprites, therefore, have been immeasurably useful in the reintroduction of extinct tree species as they offer a unique insight into arboreal history.

Tree Sprite Family Image

Tree Sprite Family 3D

Tree Sprite Family 3D Image

Vagabond Trailer

“If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?”

Vagabond follows our hero, a ten-year-old kid, exploring their new home after a house move with only their sense of adventure to guide them. Collect old memories, create new ones and explore your new surroundings as you learn that home is truly where the heart is.

I created the NPCs and environments from inspiration of real-life places and people from the countryside of the UK to the deserts of the US.  Inspired by retro classics and indie titles such as Undertale, Fez and Eastward, I found using ’16 bit’ aesthetic, working with limited pixels and animation enhanced my creativity.  I worked closely with my musician friend, Harris McWilliam, to compose the music for the main elements of the game!

Encounter with Bev

Encounter with Bev Image

Encounter with Rene

Encounter with Rene Image

Encounter with Rhoda

Encounter with Rhoda Image

Vagabond Title Screen

Vagabond Title Screen Image

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