Spatialisation of Experience and Visualising Value

Media: Mild Steel, Wire Mesh, Perspex, Digital Photography


Although we are all in some way affected by how organisations behave as a collective entity, few can truly engage with the systems that affect everyday life in so many ways. Many individuals look at screens showing the performance of a given indicator and guide the behaviour of others in ways that, without considering the greater context, might be counterproductive to effective performance in human terms.


Performance measurement systems are a common feature of everyday life in these days of relatively sophisticated electronic systems, however, without translating measures into human behaviour, affecting outcomes, very little would be produced. Therefore, translating the organisation, in a conceptual way into a representation of the behaviours of individuals we gain greater insight to the motives for success.


Through using the ideas of performance frameworks, abstract concepts emerge to represent what might be possible in a three-dimensional view of human performance. Encouraging those who build our representational systems to deliver more complete, and, insightful picture of an organisation and its complete performance cycle, is at the heart of the project.


After looking at the conceptual images, I hope the audience is encouraged to look further into how their world is affected by the upsurge of performance dashboards and become more deeply engaged with the representation of human behaviour and how this is the key driver to how the world might be viewed by wide ranges of audiences. It is possible to integrate performance measures and behaviour management in such a way that outcomes have greater relevance to managing our environment in a more positive way.  

Battle of Bears and Bulls

Battle of Bears and Bulls Image

Dynamic Curves

Dynamic Curves Image

Growth of Houses

Growth of Houses Image

S-shaped Growth under Tension

S-shaped Growth under Tension Image

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