Sound Recording and Design – Project Mad Max

My Mad Max project for Sound Recording and Design module.

Project Mad Max

In this assignment I have replaced all the original sounds from the video found on You Tube. 
Most of the sounds of Mad Max’s car I have replaced with sounds from my own car Subaru Legacy GTB.
To record those sounds, first I have used my mobile phone equipped with BOYA BY-M1 external lavalier microphone. Then I used ZOOM H4n Pro recorder with two external microphones, one placed in the engine bay and another next to the exhaust.
Only in a few sequences, when I couldn’t record my own sounds which I needed, I have used sounds of other Subaru found on the internet.  
Sounds of screeching tires I have made in DIY Foley studio at home using a hot water bottle.  
Soundtrack, motorbikes, truck, crash, water splash and some other sounds are from different sources.  
All those sounds have been layered and mixed using Logic Pro and Pro Tools and later bounced to single WAV file and then imported into Premiere Pro for final edit.

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