Self-Initiated Project: BLOOMING HOT

This Branding & Packaging project is based around my love for hot sauces, stemmed from a childhood of eating bland food prepared by my parents.

I wanted to create a brand that would stand out from the other sauces on the market, of which I feel didn’t reflect the explosive flavours and thrilling heat of the product.

“When I was younger, my mum would cook me the blandest food with very little seasoning and I would find myself wanting more from my meals. So, as an act of rebellion, I’d lather my food in hot sauces to give life to my boring meals. Skip forward many years and i still have the same attitude towards food – regardless of what it is or who’s cooked it. For me, there’s something about the sensations and flavours of hot sauces that always make a meal complete.”



The logo uses the colours of the three hot sauces and as an indication of the rising heat levels.

The brand name comes from the British expletive ”blooming”
– something my parents used to say when seeing how much hot sauce I’d put on my food!


Additional Logos

The three jars have seal stickers on the lids with logos featuring the chilli from the sauce.

Additional Logos Image


Left to right: Jalapeno (Mild) , Aji Pineapple (Medium), Scotch Bonnet (Hot)

Three word phrases are used as the names of the sauces to encapsulate the heat level.  I chose this as opposed to using the chilli name as I feel this grabs your attention more as well as giving you an idea of how hot the sauce is.

As the heat level of the sauce increases the size of the jar decreases.

Jars Image

Jar Label - Scotch Bonnet

The back of the label contains heat level info graphic as well as brief description of sauce.

Jar Label - Scotch Bonnet Image


Left and right side of website scroll individually to navigate through recipes and sauces.

Website link:


Website Image

Website Navigation animation

Website animation created in After Effects due to the limitations of Adobe XD.

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