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Hi! I’m Scott. I enjoy creating intuitive and engaging game levels that work in conjunction with interesting mechanics to allow the player to have fun and get their brain in gear. From my time at UCLan I have enjoyed the ability to discuss technical issues amongst others and finding creative solutions to them, as well as learning a variety of technical skills both in class and in my own time.


Disasphere is a first-person puzzle game using mysterious spheres to make objects and the environment appear and disappear.  Each room presents a new secret and reveals a different challenge.

Disasphere was made in six weeks as part of my final year at university. The aim of this project was to further my skills as a level and puzzle designer through constant playtesting and iteration on feedback.

Bullet Hell

A first-person shooter – without the shooter. Play as a bullet flying through a hostage situation to take out enemies and save the day.

Made in three weeks as part of the 2019 ‘Uclan-er Jam’ by a team of seven students, this game went on to win the game jam as judged by Creative Director of Supermassive Games, Gary Napper.

Sniper Elite Map

A 2D top-down map for the third-person shooter, Sniper Elite 4 created in Photoshop. This was a mock brief given to me by Rebellion Developments. This project required extensive research into both the game and the historical setting.

Sniper Elite Map Image

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Scott Hamilton

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