Netflix is launching a radio station called ‘Scene’ aimed at connecting with a demographic who are passionate about music, fashion, current affairs and popular culture. This new radio station plans to reinvent the way that people listen to, and think of radio, and to entertain the UK’s Generation Z.

The aim is to provide this group of people with everything relevant in one place through the familiar and easy to use platform Netflix. It will offer conversation and debate that they can relate to, and will allow them to explore non mainstream music genres, joining a network of people with similar interests.

Press Pack

Scene will send out press packs to individuals such as musicans and bloggers, who have a key social influence on this demographic. The main purpose of the pack is to build brand awareness and to start the campaign journey. Scene wants to start a listening trail that leads people to the platform. The influencers will film themselves saying ‘I am listening to Scene’ with the hashtag #Scenetobeheard and will share it on social media. The pack includes a set of headphones, a phone case and the campaign message. The headphones included in the presspack are key to the campaign for keeping people connected to Scene. 


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Articles will feature in magazines that target the same demographic as Scene. Exclusive interviews and insights about Scene and those connected to the station will be used to build curiosity before the launch. This is a magazine article in dazed interviewing one of the names announced to present on Scene. It tells the reader about the launch of Scene and gives an interview from an annouced presenter on what to expect from the radio station. 


Press Image

Social Media

The Scene Instagram account will be set up before Scene’s launch to build anticipaction and brand awareness. These posts demonstrate how the Scene media will be used to share annoucements with their target audience. For the launch of the Scene platform, the Instagram account will run competitions to build brand awareness and to encourage audience participation. Scene are encouraging followers to film themselves on their story saying ‘I am listening to Scene’ with the hashtag #SCENETOBEHEARD, to spread the word and to create a buzz across social media channels.


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Direct Mailer

Direct mailers will be used to target anyone who has purchased a music event ticket via Seetickets from March 2021, or is a Glastonbury ticket holder. The direct mailers will be sent out to their address through the post with a tear open design and information building anticipation for the launch. The direct mailer includes an airfreshener to encourage listeners to stream Scene in the car and a record and record cover style sticker that they can personalise their laptops or phones with. 


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Email Marketing

This teaser email will be sent to all Netflix subscribers announcing the launch date and pushing traffic to the social media account. Emails will then o out to all Netflix subscribers which will include announcements and special guests teasers to build excitement for launch week. The email includes a unique code for the account holder which they can then use to redeem at the promotion points to collect their own pair of Scene headphones. 


Each email will include a footer encouraging emerging talent to send their work into Scene, which will provide a space for them to showcase their work. 

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Scene Platform

The platform uses the Netflix easy to use navigation system, and provides subscribers with video content, new music and live stream interviews and sets. In addition to air time content the platfrom will also provide full coverage of the UK music industry from events to  new track releases which subscribers can watch and listen to when they want. 

Scan you QR for a preview of how users would be able to view content being sent in from up and coming performers. It shows the live stream with Scene’s branding. Similar to the platform the app will be in the same format as the current Netflix app and will use the same navigation system. It will allow the listeners to stay connected to Scene and to stream when and where they want. 


Scene Platform Image


Bilboards will be strategically placed in hotspots such as tube stations and bus stops where  they can resonate with commuters.


Billboards Image


Subscribers who recieved their unique code will be able to redeem them at these pick up points. Subscribers will be able to enter the code and redeem their own pair of Scene headphones allowing them to keep connected to Scene and to listen wherever they are travelling or commuting. 


Promotion Image

Event Space

To celebrate the lauch of Scene, they are hosting an interactive space at the 50th anniversary of Glastonbury Festival. The Glastonbury Festival ethos of bringing people together through music aligns with Scene’s own aim. There will be an interactive element to draw people in and to make it entertaining. The Scene space will also feature a stage where up and coming artists will perform, and an interview booth and both will be streamed to the platform enabling people to be involved from home.


Event Space Image

Event Promotion

Glastonbury Instagram will announce that Scene will be hosting an interactive space at the festival to celebrate the launch. They will repost any announcements made on the Scene Instagram. 

Festival goers will be able to pick up the Glastonbury and Scene merchandise. These promotional peices will be used to spread brand recognition. The tote bag and bucket hat are festival essentials and will be memorabilia which people can take away with them. The portable battery pack for your phone is tapping into the message that you can always be connected to Scene. 


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