Sarah Coyne

I am a graduating student with two years of University

experience in Fashion Photography, before beginning my path onto Fashion Promotion (with Styling).

I often visit London Fashion Week to take street style photography shots from outside of events, and on occasion have worked unpaid inside shows.

I also have a passion for styling, and the creative side of the fashion industry. I also enjoy looking into trends, and often write up what I have seen on my trips to LFW and try to make predictions for the upcoming season.

Illustrations with line-art are also a way I like to show my research, development, and design within my briefs at University – which will be included in my following portfolio.

London Fashion Week Street Style Photography

For this piece I was looking into finding a trend on my visit to the fashion week – rings. I had noticed that rings, loops, and hoops were a very popular embellishment to add to garments, and I wanted to see for myself how many I could spot. I found several people wearing them which made me realise that the trend must have been significant. Here is an example of one. 

Model: Sora Choi  

London Fashion Week Street Style Photography Image

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion