Safer In My Skin

Me, myself and I. My practice defined in one simple sentence. I have always used myself at the core of my practice, I use art as a way to unpack and understand past and current issues within my life. It was always easier to bury my problems instead of trying to heal from them. A lot of my work stems from depression and anxiety, how living with these mental illnesses affect how I view myself and my body. I use social media A LOT, probably as a tool of distraction, but it has also fuelled the fire with endless images of the ‘ideal body’.

Safer In My Skin

‘SAFER IN MY SKIN’ is a series of digitally illustrated works of my body in natural poses, showcasing what social media doesn’t usually see. Replicating skin tones, but in a paler, softer shades of pink, manifesting a sense of femininity, but also a sense of defencelessness. Naked and unashamed.


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The process of creating this series has allowed me to process and come to love my body, even if it is not deemed ‘socially perfect’. I want my work to create a conversation amongst females, to allow for a bigger debate around body positivity and mental health.


Beaten Image


The triptych exhibited is constructed as though it was a before and after, without the after. Front, side and back view, no hands, feet or facial features. Just a selection of tattoos I have adorned on my skin that reflect emotions that I feel towards the body I am in. 

Bruised Image

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