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Throughout my Final year of University I have worked with numerous styles and had some fun with it too, I have created an art book for an animated TV series and I have created a Graphic Novel.

League of Losers Narrated

The League of Losers is my original graphic novel following the adventures of a group of misfits in a world controlled by corrupted super heroes.

Before the League of Losers

Before the League of Losers lets you in  on where the losers came from and what they were up to before the events of the Graphic Novel.


My showreel, lets you see what I am capable of and what I have accomplished throughout University

Critical Roll intro

Critical Roll is an original anthology series that I created which follows four friends playing numerous games of Dungeons and Dragons.

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Ronan O’Kane

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Animation