Ran Duan

This is my Creative Advertising course portfolio featuring some of my final projects.

I love communicating ideas that can sparkle in people’s mind. Seeing how a simple idea changes someone’s behaviour is amazing.

Build-a-bear - Hug Twice

A new way to recycle unwanted old teddy bears, a better way to educate the next generation about organ donation.

Connect 4 Climate - Mission Green

Problem: Young people need ideas of practical ways to engage in protecting the environment and climate. 

Insight: Gaming is an important part of many young people’s daily life and costs a surprisingly high amount of energy.

Solution: Mission Green – a campaign that rewards using energy-saving settings in games.

Invisibobble - Your Hair Can Too

This campaign’s aim is to sell Invisibobble as a more trustworthy substitute for normal hair ties.

Insight: Traditional hair ties are usually easy to snap and fail to hold hair in place when you have an active lifestyle.

Proposition: If you can do it, your hair can too.

Invisibobble - Your Hair Can Too Image

Pot Noodle - Asian Street Style

“Cook less, freestyle more.”

A series of 6-second YouTube bumper ads to show the idea of “authentic but casual”.

From Asian Street Style to Asian Freestyle, the new range of Pot Noodle offers a chance to have a taste of unique Asian flavour for anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Chopsticks freestyle – Taste buds freestyle – Lunch time freestyle

Pot Noodle - Asian Street Style Image

British Heart Foundation - Workout For The Hearts

Aiming to get more volunteers for British Heart Foundation charity shops, this campaign focuses on a specific group: middle aged men. By highlighting the moral value and health benefits of volunteering, this campaign encourages the target group to volunteer for their health and for other people’s health.

Florette Lunch Bowl - The Great Migration

Characterise vegetables with migrating animals’ movements for a lively and energetic brand image.

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Creative Advertising