Power and Production Pavilion

The final pavilion model includes an iridescent roof providing an air of sophistication and elegance, aimed to attrack the viewer and transport them to another cheerful and quiet environment. The roof gives a sense of freedom and harmony, reflecting the light surrounding it on the luminous surface. Throughout the project I understood that the most important element is not the end result, but the whole design journey. Every design and each variant influenced the final result of my project.

3D Irridescent Model Pavilion

In these image I am showing diferents angles and perspectives  of my models showing the irridescent roof

3D Irridescent Model Pavilion Image

Final Pavilion Design Elevation

Those are the front,left.right and back elevation of my final pavilion

Final Pavilion Design Elevation Image

Digital Floor plan of my 3D Model

In the floor plan I am showing the plan section that my pavilion had from inside  showing a space for the exhibition another for the toilet and  a open view area for rest and had a brew.

Digital Floor plan of my 3D Model Image

3d Movel Intermediate with irridescent floor

In this image I been experimentinh with the shape and the structure considering apply a irridescent floor .the main exhibition will be located in the octagon  and there are a small space for rest and had a brew and other section for hygiene service

3d Movel Intermediate  with irridescent floor Image

Floor plan of intermediate 3D Model

The floor plan is showing the sections from inside how it will be displayed

Floor plan of intermediate 3D Model Image

Concept Models

Those are the first Ideas I develop experimenting with diferent material ad shapes in response to the brief

Concept Models Image

First Concept Model

In this model I been inspired of the idea of a dome but using  vibrants colours .

First Concept Model Image

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