Mental health and wellbeing has always been at the forefront of my creative work. My portfolio shows the concept and promotion for the Nike Residential.

The Nike Residential Concept

The Nike Residential Concept Image

The Nike Residential App

The Nike Residential App has been created so that the potential applicants can explore the camp further. Here the customer can learn about the activities, the living environment and have a sneak peak at the guest appearance. This App also allows people to enter the competition for free spaces at the Residential.

The Nike Residential App Image

The Online Competition

The online competition will be advertised across Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and the App. When clicking the add, the customer will be taken to the Official Nike Residential web page where they can apply for the lottery style competition for a free space at the Residential. There will also be further information for parents and guardians on the entry requirements. 

The Online Competition Image

Young Minds Interactive Tent

The Young Minds Interactive tent aims to get teenagers talking about subjects they may not feel comfortable talking about at home. This provides a non-judgemental space that the customer can interact with. Young Minds professionals will be available to talk to on a one to one basis as well as providing talks on subjects such as bullying, social media, relationships and much more. 

Young Minds Interactive Tent Image

Outdoor Billboards

The billboards demonstrate different types of promotion for the campaign.

Image Credits – Gaelle Marcel (Unsplash)

Outdoor Billboards Image

Virtual reality pop up

The Nike Virtual Reality pop up will provide an interactive and futuristic game for the customer. There will be two pop up’s, located in Manchester and London for two days. The customer will have 5 minutes to complete 5 challenges and the aim is to beat the record. Whoever completes the task in the fastest time will win two free spaces at the Residential.

Virtual reality pop up Image

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Abigail Buller

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  • Degree show 2020
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