Yufei Wen (Richard)

This is my Creative Advertising portfolio. It contains four projects: HostelVote, Graze Plan, The Guardian Evidenced it and Lego – The First Car.


A flow to show how HostelVote works.

HostelVote Image

HostelVote Poster 1

HostelVote Poster 1 Image

HostelVote Poster 2

HostelVote Poster 2 Image

HostelVote Poster 3

HostelVote Poster 3 Image

Greze Plan

I made two bottles which filled with healthy snacks and unhealthy snacks. I photoed them and made this poster. People are just like this bottle. People get fat if eat snack without plan.

Greze Plan Image

The Guardian evidenced it Poster 1

There are six posters in three groups.

In the first posters, there are some comments from readers. But the readers are always misled, so in the second poster, the guardian evidenced it.

This one and the next one are from these six posters.

The Guardian evidenced it Poster 1 Image

The Guardian evidenced it. Poster 2

The Guardian evidenced it. Poster 2 Image

LEGO the first car

Package and instructions.

The books in the box can teach young people the knowledge of assemble systems, and can also be used together with the kits pack in the box to assemble automobile system under the guidance of this book.

LEGO the first car Image

LEGO The first car Kits packs

The blocks in each plastic bag can be assembled into a car system. Under the guidance of the instruction manual, they can learn the construction of the car while assembling them.

It’s an opportunity to learn about car systems. For young people who can’t touch the real car interior, assembling them can help them remember the principles of the car and gain experience.

LEGO The first car  Kits packs Image

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Creative Advertising