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I enjoy drawing and making lots of different things, these are some things I have drawn/made over the past few years that I am proud of.

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Self Portrait

This is a pencil drawing Self Portrait that I did that I like because I feel the added colours make it a bit more interesting.

Self Portrait Image


I enjoy drawing lots of different kinds of faces because it’s good practice to come up with potential character designs. This is one sketch that I like because of the different proportions in her face.

Proportions Image

Character Sketch

This is another character sketch I did, but digitally. I like the sketchy lines and the colours I used, as well as the expression on this guy’s face.

Character Sketch Image

Character Design

This is a full length character design of a young girl that I like as I feel like having green and blue as the main colours makes her stand out but also blend in, and gives her more depth.

Character Design Image

Background Concept Children's Party

This is a background concept design for a children’s party. I like how this turned out because of my use of colours, textures and props.

Background Concept Children's Party Image

Continuous line drawing

This is a continuous line drawing of my dog that I did digitally on my ipad with my finger. I enjoy drawing like this as you have slight limitations due to drawing with a finger, rather than with a pencil or a stylus. I like how this turned out because of the line art and the splashes of colour.

Continuous line drawing Image

Digital drawing - cat

This is a digital drawing I did of a cat I saw in Amsterdam. I enjoy taking photos so this is drawn from one of my photos and I used a few different brushes in Photoshop to create the furry effect I achieved.

Digital drawing - cat Image

Presents made out of Sculpey

For my friend’s birthdays, I make them presents made out of Sculpey. I sculpted my friend’s dog, along with some props that I know they would like and I’m pleased with how this turned out. I enjoy making things physically and basing them off photos or drawings as it’s nice to see how they would translate into physical sculptures.

Presents made out of Sculpey Image

Sculpture Disney character Stitch

This is a sculpture I made of the Disney character Stitch, for another of my friend’s birthdays. I am so pleased with how this turned out as I combined a few different things to make this such a unique piece. I also had fun painting all the different aspects of this.

Sculpture Disney character Stitch Image

Needle felting teddy bear

Along with making things out of Sculpey, I also enjoy needle felting and this is a small teddy bear I made out of a few different colours of felt.

Needle felting teddy bear Image

Chocolate cake necklaces

These are some chocolate cake necklaces I made for my friends because I wanted to make something that everyone could have a slice of…I enjoy making small things that people can wear that are completely unique.

Chocolate cake necklaces Image

Sculpey Pizza prop

Another thing I have made out of Sculpey is this small pizza, which is actually a prop in my final year film.

Sculpey Pizza prop Image

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