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Finding out if the tassle was really worth the hassle

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Forbidden Fruit Distillery

Forbidden Fruit is a gin manufacturing company that has a sustainable way of sourcing fruit for our flavoured gin. We use fruit that would usually be discarded simply because they are not ‘pretty’ enough to sit on the shelves of our local supermarkets. By using these range of ugly fruits we are helping the British fruit farmers thrive.

Forbidden Fruit - Bottles

Bottle designs for Forbidden Fruit Distillery 

Forbidden Fruit - Bottles Image

Forbidden Fruit - Packaging

Rotten to the core packaging

Forbidden Fruit - Packaging Image

Forbidden Fruit - Advertisement

Billboard to advertise Forbidden Fruit gin

Forbidden Fruit - Advertisement Image

YCN New Now - The Little Adventures Collection

Brief:  Design a collection of greeting cards, notepads and gift dressings.

The Little Adventures Collection is an educational yet fun range of greetings cards, gift bags, stickers, note cards, wrapping paper and notepads. The aim for this collection is to educate young children with fun and interesting facts about nature in the world past and present. This collection could be sold in educational settings including museums, galleries and other educational institutions.

YCN New Now - The Little Adventures Collection Image

Whale of a Time

Whale of a Time set as part of The Little Adventures Collection

Whale of a Time Image

Feeling Roarsome

Feeling Roarsome set as part of The Little Adventures Collection

Feeling Roarsome Image

Busy Bee

Busy Bee set as part of The Little Adventures Collection

Busy Bee Image

National Trust - Trust us

The Brief: Celebrate 125 years of the National Trust. 

#TRUSTUS is a brand new membership created to encourage 18-25 year olds to join the National Trust. The membership allows the user to explore National Trust landmarks around the UK in a unique and fun way.

National Trust - Trust us Image

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