Niamh Young Industry Set Brief – The Chase Manchester

This was a project at the start of my third year and just to warn some people may find the images 18+. This was such a fun project to do!

Industry Brief - Packaging

This brief was very interesting, it was to design and make a brand identity for a sex toy company. I based my designs and brand off the seven deadly sins. I changed the names of the sins to something more sensual that fit the brand, and I created classy packaging based off of some designs of expensive wine bottle boxes. 

Industry Brief - Packaging Image

Website design

I created 7 different “categories” of sex toys and matched the sin to those. To start my brand is called “Be Sinful” and the 7 sins I renamed were Desire , Pleasure, Wild, Crave, Casual, Indulgence and Passion. 

This is a mock up for a potential website as my brand would be purely online and the designs you will see next are posters / collectables that you would get in each package. So if you bought from Desire’s category you would get one of three designs made for Desire. 

Website design Image

Be Sinful - Posters 2 and 7

These black background posters were made for more poster type possible a bit bigger than the white designs. 

I made 7 but you will only see a select few here and you can see them all at my website. 

These two are Pleasure and Passion. These were based off of the sins Pride and Wrath. Pleasure’s section would include things like bigger toys, vibrators and wands. Passion’s section include sensual play, rubs, lotions and games. 

Be Sinful - Posters 2 and 7 Image

Be Sinful - Posters 6 and 3

All of the designs with a black background have layers of different drawings. I thought this was a nice touch an added to a subtly and luxury of the brand. 

These two are Indulgence and Wild which were based off of the sins Greed and Gluttony. Indulgence’s section includes all things underwear. Wild’s category is representational of kinks and fetishes. 

Be Sinful - Posters 6 and 3 Image

Be sinful Characters

These designs are the designs that I layered up over to create the black designs. I really enjoyed the character design process in this project! 

These two are Wild and Pleasure. 

Be sinful Characters Image

Be Sinful Characters

These two are Indulgence and Crave. Crave is based off of Envy and her section includes all bum toys and accessories. 

Be Sinful Characters Image

Be Sinful Characters

These two are Wrath and Wild. 

Be Sinful Characters Image

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