Niall Platt – Games 3D Art and Game Design

UCLan Games Design Final Year Projects:

3D Art – Realistic Guitar Models

3D Art – Westeros War Table/Map Recreation

Game – Silent Ship (Atmospheric investigation game)

Ibanez RGA Standard

3 variations of the Ibanez RGA Standard guitar

Ibanez RGA Standard Image

Jackson RR Minion

3 variations of the Jackson RR Minion guitar

Jackson RR Minion Image

Fender Telecaster Japan Hybrid

3 variations of the Fender Telecaster Japan Hybrid guitar

Fender Telecaster Japan Hybrid Image

Gibson SG Classic

3 variations of the Gibson SG Classic guitar

Gibson SG Classic Image

Westeros War Table

A recreation of a map of Westeros in the style of the Game of Thrones introduction sequence.

Silent Ship

A creepy, atmospheric, escape-the-room style game set on a 18th century ship.

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Games Design