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This is an online portfolio of some of Tiwirayi Michelle’s final year University projects. Tiwirayi is  extremely passionate about Fashion and Fashion photography. During her final year she was able to experiment and develop her skills and tries to translate her experience and perspective in the work she produces.

Love of Self-Portrait 2

Growing up black and African wasn’t always accepted. Coming from a Zimbabwean home and living on British land meant that for me and other girls like me , it was important to assimilate into western society as well as holding our culture and keeping it alive. I feel that it’s only now that black women are comfortable with their identity in it’s fullness and this project celebrates that. While I had originally planned to involve other black women as models for this project, Due to Covid 19, I had to photograph portraits of myself that represent my African heritage as well as my identity as a black British woman.

Love of Self-Portrait 2 Image

Love of Self-portrait 3

Love of Self-portrait 3 Image

Love of Self-Portrait 4

Love of Self-Portrait 4 Image

Love of Self-portrait 5

Love of Self-portrait 5 Image

Breaking Barriers

The concept of breaking barriers is based on the fact that for many years black people have been plagued by stereotypes and labels that are all stem from colonisatition and oppression. I believe taht opression still exists today on a systematic level whether you are in the us where it’s more prominant with cases of police brutality and murder or the uk where some are unfairly stereotyped and etained , it’s still there. Breaking barriers is a story that is meant to illustrate the story of a group of young black people letting go of of all of the hurt, reclaiming their identity and having the strength to create their own narrative.

Breaking Barriers Image

Breaking Barriers 2

Breaking Barriers 2 Image

Breaking Barriers 3

Breaking Barriers 3 Image

Breaking Barriers 4

Breaking Barriers 4 Image

Breaking Barriers 5

Breaking Barriers 5 Image

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