An eclectic selection of songs showcasing John’s versatility in recording design, production skills, composition and performance. Featuring elements of Rock, Pop, Indie, Motown and Jazz, Mizuko highlights rhythmic complexity, cryptic lyrics, and sampling in an intensely personal listening experience. Flowing throughout is the essence of fatherhood, thrashing around thoughts of loss, adoration and pride.


Annalise is a conversation between a protective father and his teenage daughter making challenging decisions. John is featured singing and drumming, primarily recorded at King Sound Studio alongside numerous session musicians.


Inspired by artists RY-X and Empire of the Sun, John worked alongside American singer/songwriter Mackenzie Wilson to produce this stunning dance track.


John is featured here working alongside his cousin Gareth Kirby a EDM producer based in Bristol, in a collaboration of an emotive mournful downtempo dance track featuring heavy side chain, gritty vocals and infectious synth lines. 


Written and produced by John during the COVID 19 lockdown period, Blue Clouds features an 80’s driving theme accompanying the thoughts of missing his son seen here exploring the estuary at Stannah Thornton.


Holding it Back showcases John’s drumming abilities with the rhythmic complexity of layered time signatures, drum solos and complex polyrhythmic compositional concepts. Inspired by the production featured in Radiohead’s Reckoner and Daft Punk’s vocoder vocals the song communicates the mental battle and empathy involved in loosing a loved one.


Coming from a background of progressive rock John is featured here utilising his versatility in creating a Progressive rock track with elements of Pink Floyd, Genesis and Rush, this slow but energised track with captivating guitar riffs, synth solos and angelic vocals back the lyrics of a fight for custody over a child.


An unusual story of fatherhood featuring the voice of his own father Nothing is inspired by the production of 22 A MILLION by Bon Iver with LoFi samples, heavy bass and heavily auto-tuned vocals. This is a very personal story of devotion demonstrating the efforts of parenthood. 

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