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Hello welcome to my Animation Portfolio.
In my final year i have produced a professional TV Show  Bible and TV Show Intro for “The Local Boys” which follows the lives of 4 Young men. Mark, Martin, Dean and Ken. The boys spend most days around their boring little town trying to find new ways to entertain themselves.
My biggest Brief this year was the production of my 3-minute film “Mob Talk” about four members in the mob  meeting in a undisclosed location to discuss what seems to be a legitimate business deal.

Professional TV Show Bible for "The Local Boys"

This is a link to my TV Show Bible which shows the what it takes to produce an animated TV series. the contents include character designs, Script samples, Merchandise and Production costs.



Local Boys TV Show Intro

This is the Intro for my TV Series that i animated using Toon Boom Harmony 

Mob Talk

This is my final Film Mob Talk.

Four Members of the mob Meet in an undisclosed Location to discuss what seems to be a very important and legitimate business deal. When it is revealed that certain members at the table have been “Talking smack” and spreading certain rumours about one another. The only solution is to bring in the head of the family known as “The Big Man” to be the voice of reason.

Art of Mob Talk

This is a link to my “Art of Mob Talk” book showing the process of how i created my final film. it looks at character concept designs, scripts and story boards.


Michael Dolan Showreel

This is a showreel of all the work i have created while studying at UCLAN enjoy.

Martin Character sheet

This is Martin’s Character sheet for my TV Show

Martin Character sheet Image

Kens Character Sheet

This is Ken’s character sheet for my TV show

Kens Character Sheet Image

Dean's Character Sheet

This is Dean’s Character sheet for my TV show

Dean's Character Sheet Image


This is Mark’s character sheet for my TV show

Mark Image

Max's Character Sheet

This is Max’s Character sheet for my Final Film

Max's Character Sheet Image

Marco's Character Sheet

This is Marco’s character sheet for my final film.

Marco's Character Sheet Image

Vincent's Character Sheet

This is Vincent’s Character sheet for my final film

Vincent's Character Sheet Image

Jackie's Character Sheet

This is Jackie’s character sheet for my final film

Jackie's Character Sheet Image

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