Made in Blackpool

Creating a relationship between the commercial and residential aspects of Blackpool, and celebrating the contrast between them.

Site analysis

Moving towards the examination of extreme exteriors. Blackopool is the site of the Temple of Antithesis, a place for non-religious ceremony, sanctuary, and memory, as well as sensory materials, sensory experience, and the relationship between the natural and man-made environments.

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Site intervention

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Temple Development

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Site strategy

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A potential souvenir that can be produced on site could be plant pots/vases. Created with ceramic and painted or printed on in the workshop, these could be produced and sold with plants grown in the community garden. Figure D is a painted pot with a typical Blackpool theme, depicting the tower. This sort of design could be sold in a gift shop, but visitors to the workshop should paint whatever they want, with some being presented in the gallery. 

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Sectional diagrams

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Vernacular influence

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Commercial and Residential

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