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A selection of pieces taken from projects completed during my final year of university.

Carmelite Prize - One and Only

Illustrations for the 2020 Carmelite Prize, a competition for which participants must illustrate pages of a chosen children’s book. This year’s book of choice was “One and Only” by Jeanne Willis. It features a very lonely bird of paradise who is desperate to find a friend. I chose to depict the bird as a somewhat slovenly, tired character, as I felt it suited the humorous tone of the book.

Carmelite Prize - One and Only Image

Final Spread

Final Spread Image

"Song" Spread

"Song" Spread Image

Falling Illustration

Falling Illustration Image


A personal project in which I sought to create a non-alcoholic IPA brand based around characters called “Boozehounds” – anthropomorphic dogs who like to drink too much. 

Boozehounds explores various facets of English drinking culture, especially the negative aspects that can arise from excessive drinking. I focused on three specific beer varieties – “Chunder”, “Hooligan” and “Mornin’ After”. I created labels and packaging for the three IPAs, as well as other designs for various drinking paraphernalia. 

Boozehounds Image

Back of Can Designs

Back of Can Designs Image

Beer Bottle Labels

Beer Bottle Labels Image

Beer Can Boxes

Beer Can Boxes Image

Beer Mats

Beer Mats Image

Beer Glass Etchings

Beer Glass Etchings Image

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