Lockdown Diary Assemblage

At the beginning of March, we found ourselves in an extraordinary situation….Lockdown. 

For my project, I wanted to record my thoughts and moods during this time and how my physical, emotional and mental health was affected.   I kept an illustrated written/digital diary that informed the final piece. 

Lockdown Diary is an assemblage of found objects, drawings, paintings and things made from odds and ends I found in the house and displayed in an old printers case that had been stored in my attic.  

Each part refers to a different thought, observation, or feeling experienced during this time. The houses represent those of the family and friends that I’m missing.  Flowers and trees continue to grown and bloom and give me joy and hope, while the health of human lives is suffering.  Birds, butterflies and dogs I can see from my window make me smile.  Beach huts containing memories of holidays I’ve had and the one that was cancelled makes me nostalgic and sad.  Anxiety from staying in….anxiety when you have to go out.

Lockdown Assemblage

Lockdown Assemblage Image

Lockdown Diary 1

My thoughts, observations, daily goings-on, practicing different art styles….the first week I had lots to do to keep me busy.  Lockdown was a bit of a novelty ….until the first food shopping trip and reality hit me hard.  

Lockdown Diary 1 Image

Lockdown Diary2

Making lists, designing patterns, my thoughts about the world and keeping busy to ward off the boredom.

Lockdown Diary2 Image

Lockdown Diary 3

Some days are harder to cope with than others…that’s if you can remember what day it is!!

Lockdown Diary 3 Image

Lockdown Diary 4

The ups and downs, the good and bad, the happy and sad…”when the most memorable thing I’ve done today is putting the bin out”!!!

Lockdown Diary 4 Image

Lockdown Diary 5

The world’s gone mad and I feel sad.

Lockdown Diary 5 Image

Lockown Assemblage in Close Up

Close up images of Lockdown Assemblage section by section.

Assemblage In Close Up

Lockdown Assemblage Research and Creative Process

I researched Artists whose work consisted of collected items: assemblage.

My creative process involves lots of research, sketching, words, ideas and experiments in sketchbooks and/or digitally on my ipad.

Assemblage Research

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