Light of Archi

‘Light of Archi’ is a installation I have produced for the degree show using my room in student accommodation as a makeshift studio/gallery. It involves using the medium of UV paint on fabric panels. The subject is architectural details from the past, UV light brings these details to life with colour and form. The viewer becomes immersed in the installation that surrounds them. The details can be seen on all sides and above allowing the viewer to scan and focus in to reveal shapes that form elements of architecture.

Up close section

Up close section Image

Corner section

Corner section Image

Wide angle

Wide angle Image

Micro image yellow

Micro image yellow Image

Micro image blue

Micro image blue Image

Micro image green

Micro image green Image

360 view

Wall to ceiling

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Katie Hendron

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Fine Art