Life Itself

The initial route I was going to go down was to emulate CD covers however it soon became apparent to me that there was a lack of depth and meaning in the images I was taking for the intended purpose. After brainstorming some ideas, I came across the show called Black Mirror, as I started to become more engrossed in the show, I researched the real meaning behind the purpose of the show being the horrors of modern technology, and each epidote focused a different aspect of technology. This concept stuck with me, and therefore I decided to translate that concept through my portraiture and focus on the mixed emotions that make up our lives, I did this because I wanted people to be aware, connect and understand all of these emotions that we may or may not have. As a lot of my previous work already focused on people’s feelings I wanted to find a new path to convey what we feel for the viewer to connect or understand their emotions better. I personally think that the first image in this series titled Broken Token is one of the most essential techniques and pictures as a whole in this project because of the powerful emotion that it conveys in which everyone experiences in their lifetime. The idea behind this image was to evoke the idea of us being at our lowest and most vulnerable to the point where we feel like we are breaking away. As for the project in general the terms of how or where it fits within with modern contemporary art is how each image is shot differently and also a different technique is used for each photograph. So that the viewer will focus on the individual pictures rather them all together as a series overall.







Broken Token

Broken Token Image

You're just a glitch in the system

You're just a glitch in the system Image

Lost in my own reflection

Lost in my own reflection Image


Vengeance Image


Reflection Image

Seeking the truth

Seeking the truth Image


Rebirth Image

An Everyday Hero

An Everyday Hero Image

Burning Desire

Burning Desire Image

The world at your finger tips

The world at your finger tips Image

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