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A packaging project which brings an exciting design to elevate the humble Hot Dog by using pop Art inspired by the 1950s comic design. 

Hotdogs Image

YBA Poster

A A1 size poster to celebrate 30 years of the YBAs. This poster explores Marc Quin’s work and his approach to art and design. 

YBA Poster Image

Royal Mail Stamps

A series of stamps to celebrate 50 years of Monty Python. Using the a sticker set you can decorate your stamps the way you want to giving you the freedom to be as creative as you wish. 

Royal Mail Stamps Image

Dishoom Rewards

Become a Dishoom member by downloading the app to experience our new reward scheme. Find out about what’s going on in you local restaurant and build up your recipe collection to share with friends or family. Pay with the app in store over a certain amount and have a chance to play our new game of pairs with our brand new, hand-made cards made by local artists. If you win we pay your bill! 

Dishoom Rewards Image

Red Dwarf

A collectors addition book for Red Dwarf. This book contains everything you need to know about the makings of Red Dwarf including sets, models, monsters and not to forget the ‘Boys from the Dwarf’ themselves! 

Red Dwarf Image

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