Kryjowki (Hiding Places)

According to Gaston Bachelard’s ‘The Poetics of Space’ one of the primarily instincts for human beings is a need for shelter.! I created six sculptures that act as a series of maquettes for a full scale installation, in which the audience can climb, curl-up in, relax and quieten down. The outside of the objects are hard and protective, like an egg shell, with a natural colour and a raw finish. The inside of them are soft and comfortable, encouraging the participants to cuddle up inside and feel safe, like in a womb. Different colours may initiate different thought

kryjowk 5

kryjowk 5 Image

kryjowk 2

kryjowk 2 Image


kryjowk Image

kryjowk 3

kryjowk 3 Image

kryjowk 4

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Beata Wrobel

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