Kira Myers; Women of the Dystopia

This portfolio predominantly showcases my final year concept, titled ‘Women of the Dystopia’. My previous concept before this was led by the various interpretations of a dystopian future, explored through various media; film, photography and art.  Examining the portrayal and roles of women in these depictions linked with my dissertation work that explored femininity and how performative the role is. Bringing these together I decided to form my own depictions of women in a dystopian future, I looked back into how historical garments were used to physically shape, and in a way, control women and then applied them to a futuristic setting, taking elements of inspiration from Fernando Montiel Klint’s’ photography, and films such as the Hunger Games trilogy and Mad Max; Fury Road. Bringing the crinolines and corsets as outerwear shows the perspective of women quite literally being caged within their clothing, however using the interpretation of the Hunger Games made them beautiful, so the extravagant structures and opulence distracts you from the original meaning, allowing you to be taken in before the uncomfortable meaning sets in. I wanted to explore the levels of expression of female sexuality through the garments, showing a range of expression to suit different choices, however the cages are always present and unavoidable.

Also featured is a small concept titled ‘Girl Gang’, inspired by ‘Sukeban’, a Japanese subculture from the 1970’s and 1980’s, where ‘delinquent girls’ of the working class protested and rejected the sexualisation of teenage girls using ways of dress and criminal activity.

Final Year Portfolio - Women of the Dystopia

Women of the Dystopia

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  • Degree show 2020
    • BA (Hons) Fashion Design