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Welcome to my portfolio, this is a collection of work that I’ve produced whilst studying at UCLan, in this portfolio is what I consider my strongest and best-representing work, I hope that you enjoy browsing my illustrations and hopefully find something you like.

Together we thrive

This was my response to a brief set by HSBC for entry in D&AD new blood awards, for this project I had to create a narrative based around the phrase together we thrive, and in short, I made four characters that valued the message of sustainability and came together to make the world a better place by cleaning the environment and spreading awareness. 


Together we thrive Image

Together we thrive

This illustration would be placed in an airport waiting room as part of my HSBC together we thrive project, this scene depicts a Forrest sprite feeling alone as her home is dying, later in the illustrations she meets 4 characters that help clean up her home.   

Together we thrive Image

Jeff Koons Rabbit

This is a Jeff Koons inspired poster for my sex toys brand pop.

Jeff Koons Rabbit Image

Pop The Balloon

For this project, I was set the task of either rebranding an existing brand or create an original brand for a sex toy brand, I choose to make my own brand named Pop, Pop was a pop art-inspired company, all of the products designed were inspired by famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons, the illustrations I made had a pastiche exploration.

I wanted the work to have a sense of humor but also to be a piece of art, I personally think they’d be a good conversation starter.          

Pop The Balloon Image

Integrated Virtue

For this project, I  set myself the task of creating a short graphic novel story about A.I. and the seven deadly sins, this project has been my favorite to work on as I could really express myself when creating and planning the artwork, planning compositions was key for the storytelling of this graphic novel.   

(This is the cover.) 

Integrated Virtue Image

Page 1 of comic

This is the first page of my comic integrated virtue. 

Page 1 of comic Image

Page 4 of Integrated Virtue

This is the fourth page in my story.


Page 4 of Integrated Virtue Image

Page 6 of Integrated Virtue

This is the sixth page of my comic.

Page 6 of Integrated Virtue Image

Don't look back

This is the double-page spread for my comic integrated virtue. 

Don't look back Image

Suada Poster

This is a poster of one of the characters in my comic Integrated Virtue, she was an A.I designed to only feel lust, she was taught that this feeling is love. she craves attention and her goal is to find true love.

Suada Poster Image

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